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In Parknähe: 3km

Discover Vlissingen Located on the beautiful Westerschelde, you'll find Vlissingen, a city rich in maritime history. When you're in the mood for some fresh air, there's nothing better than a walk along the country's longest sea boulevard. Here, you feel the proximity of the passing ships and experience the sea in a unique way. The boulevard itself offers a range of experiences. On one side, Michiel de Ruijter greets you heroically, while on the other side, the melodies of the wind organ take you away.

For those who want to discover the maritime soul of Zeeland and Vlissingen, a visit to the MuZEEum is a must. This museum, located among other places in the historic Lampsinshuis, tells the stories of the sea. The Lampsinshuis, with its characteristic lookout tower, offers a phenomenal view of the sea. Once, shipowner Cornelis Lampsins looked out for his fleet from here; now, you can enjoy the same view.

For an adventurous day out, the Arsenal is the perfect destination. This maritime theme center immerses you in the world of pirates and sea creatures, complete with a breathtaking view from the crow's nest. Ideal for a family outing.

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